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Aspire Series®

  • Double Hung Product Image

    Double Hung

    Classic looking windows with the warmth of a wood interior. The vinyl clad exterior makes them low maintenance. Top and bottom sash operate up and down and can be tilted in or removed for easy cleaning. Styles available include radius top, eyebrow, picture combination units, as well as double hung bay units.

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  • Casement Product Image


    Aspire Series Casements vinyl clad wood windows are both durable and energy efficient. Special features such as a multi-point sequential locking system and sleek hardware designs provide a secure and aesthetically appealing window. Casements open a full 90 degrees for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning.

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  • Awning Product Image


    Let the fresh air in even when outdoor conditions may not be favorable. Because awnings operate from the bottom out, you can open them even when it is raining without letting in the water. Aspire Series vinyl clad wood awnings are an indeal complement to operating or stationary casements.

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  • Slider Product Image


    Aspire Series vinyl clad wood sliders are easy to operate, sliding horizontally with a push of your finger. Flush mounted latches make it easy to remove the sash for cleaning, but durable sash locks keep the unit secure when not in use. Many options are available to complete the look of your windows.

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  • Special Shape Product Image

    Special Shape

    Alone, or in striking combinations, Aspire Serie’s Special Shape windows provide endless creativity. These vinyl clad, wood, special shape windows are available in a wide range of shapes such as trapezoids, triangles, half circles, quarter circles and more.

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  • Hinged Patio Door Product Image

    Hinged Patio Door

    Invite more light into your home with classically elegant Aspire Series Hinged Patio Doors. Featuring 1-3/4” thick panels, these traditional doors are available in a variety of panel styles and configurations. Door frame exteriors are vinyl clad while the wood door panels feature a hardcoat painted finish on the exterior.

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  • Sliding Patio Door Product Image

    Sliding Patio Door

    These space-saving patios door allow ample natural light and plenty of fresh air to enter your home. Aspire Series vinyl clad framed units feature wood door panels with extruded on the exterior. Dramatic door designs can be as spectacular as the views beyond the glass, will the wide range of options available.

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Aspire Series® - Options

Exterior Options

A variety of distinctive finish options are available.

Standard Colors

Solid color extruded vinyl available on all Aspire Series windows and doors.

* Color limited to cetain regions. Please contact your Weather Shield dealer for details.
Exterior colors shown may not be accurate representations. Actual color samples are available upon request.

Interior Options

Choose from a variety of rich custom wood interiors to complement fine furniture, cabinets, floors and interior trim.

Wood Species

Wood species swatches shown will vary and may not be actual representations. Actual wood samples are available upon request.

Interior Wood Finishes

Finish swatches shown will vary and may not be actual representations. Actual wood samples are available upon request.


With either the standard Concealed Vinyl Jambliner or the optional Concealed Wood Jambliner, each unit features superb architectural details and clean sightlines, while keeping the ultra smooth coil spring balance technology virtually hidden away.

Jambliner Options


No matter the style of your project there are grille options to suit your design. There are three grille options available including Wood Removable Grille, Grille Between the Glass and Simulated Divided Lite.

Wood Removable Grilles

Wood Removable Grilles feature a frame design that offers strength superior to stick grilles offered by other window manufacturers. The frame snaps securely into the interior sash using a concealed pin system. Wood Removable Grilles make window cleaning easier, yet provide an added interior dimension. Custom grille designs are available.

Grille Between the Glass

Grille Between the Glass (GBG) consist on aluminum muntin bars in between two panes of insulating glass, giving you the look of divided lites while making window cleaning easier.

Simulated Divided Lites

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) offer the authentic look of True Divided Lites without sacrificing energy efficiency. Interior and exterior bars are permanently adhered the glass and a narrow spacer bar is positioned within the insulating glass airspace. Unlike True Divided Lites, SDL utilizes a single pane of insulating glass, decreasing the potential for energy loss. Exterior bars will be finished to match the exterior finish specified. Shown with optional Grille Between the Glass (GBG).

Restrictions and limitations vary depending on product ordered.

Glazing Options

No matter what climate you live in, Weather Shield offers one of the most extensive offering of energy efficient glass options available. The exclusive Zo-e-shield® glazing systems feature multiple layers of Low-E coating, optional EasyCare® surface coating, inert gas-filled insulating airspace*, as well as Real Warm Edge® spacer bars. Learn more about the benefits of these features.

Glazing Options

*Inert airspace gases not available in all states. Please check with your dealer for availability.


Sash locks are both secure and stylish. Choose from a variety of finish colors to complement the design of your project.

Hardware Styles & Colors

Finish colors shown will vary and may not be actual representations. Actual finish samples are available upon request.

Exterior Trim

Exterior trim accessories available allow for a clean and finished exterior look.

Exterior Trim & Accessories


Screens allow you to enjoy fresh air flow throughout your home all while keeping out pesky insects. Our High-Visibility screen cloth utilizes a much finer mesh that offers more air flow along with better optical clarity.

Screen Options