Part 1 of this article discussed the two common replacement window options which are full frame and insert.  Part 1 described in detail the process and the window components that are replaced with each of these options.  Part 2 discussed the general circumstances that indicate when each of these replacement window options will likely be the best choice.  Part 3 discusses other factors that may influence the recommendations that homeowners receive.

There are a number of factors that can in-part influence which replacement window application is recommended to a homeowner. As discussed in Part 2, the appropriate replacement window application depends on the homeowner’s priorities and the specific conditions surrounding the windows that are to be replaced. It is critical for homeowners to be educated about the replacement window applications that are available in order to make an informed decision that is best for their circumstances.

Unfortunately, some factors that are not related to the windows that need replacing may at times contribute to homeowners receiving recommendations that are not the best choice to solve the specific problems with their existing windows.  Several of these factors are discussed below.

All window companies do not offer a full range of replacement window applications.  Generally, companies do not possess expertise in products that they do not sell. Therefore, they are not in a position to evaluate whether or not a replacement window application that they do not have experience with is a better choice for the homeowner.

Virtually all reputable replacement window companies have experience selling and installing insert windows. In contrast, significantly fewer companies have substantial experience and expertise with full frame windows. There are several important factors that contribute to this. First, installation of a full frame window is substantially more complex than installation of an insert window, thereby requiring the installation crews to have significantly more skill and capability.  The installation process for full frame windows is more time consuming, and there is greater variability when installing full frame windows. This adds to the complexity of scheduling installation crews because the company cannot plan to have their installation crew in and out quickly as is the case with insert windows.  

Selling and installing full frame windows is simply more complex, time consuming and costly for the window company. However, full frame windows are generally not more profitable than insert windows. Some companies that sell full frame windows may choose not to promote them to homeowners except in circumstances where a full frame window is virtually the only choice because of the condition of the existing frame.

Although most companies are ethical and only sell products that they believe are adequate to meet the homeowner’s needs. This does not guarantee that all relevant options will be brought to the homeowner’s attention to ensure that they are fully informed, and therefore, prepared to make the best decision for their individual circumstances and priorities.  

Mid South Windows strongly recommends that homeowners take the time to learn about the different replacement windows applications that are currently available and to learn generally when each type of application is appropriate.  This basic knowledge will give homeowners a good foundation to discuss and evaluate replacement window proposals prior to selecting a company to handle their project.