When considering home improvement finance programs, the cost of any front-end or origination charges should be considered along with the interest rate (APR). Homeowners should be particularly cautious when considering 90-days or 6-months same- as-cash finance programs. Generally these programs have provisions that result in the customer being charged interest for the entire time-period of the loan if the entire balance is not paid in total by the end of the time-period, (i.e., 90 days or 6 months). Interest will be charged retroactively from Day 1, and the interest rate will normally be much higher than traditional home improvement loans. These loans are only profitable for banks when the loans are not paid in total by the end of the 90-day or 6-month time-period. So if you are not 100% sure that you can pay this type of loan off on schedule, it is wise to stay away from these programs.